Projects / Activities

In fighting against addiction, The Green Crescent Malaysia plans to carry out the following projects and activities:

To conduct scientific and evidence based academic studies and to accordingly generate content for effective rehabilitation and guidance drawing on international experiences.

To establish a documentation center by promoting scientific and academic studies; publishes newspapers, journals, books and bulletins by means of Green Crescent Publications.

To mobilize our human resources and organization in expanding organizational activities inside and outside of the country with the aim of reaching all parts of society.

To organize effective communication campaigns thru media, internet and social media in order to raise social awareness about addiction through social, cultural and athletic activities.

To combat addictions and create a Green Crescent awareness in all schools and among the youth through education based studies.

To contribute to the supporting role in the International Federation of Green Crescents based in Istanbul, Turkey in combating addictions on a global scale, in cooperation and solidarity with international organizations.

To realize advocating and lobbying works in order to contribute to the formation of all kinds of strategies, action plans and legal regulations concerning the combat against addictions.

To develop effective collaborations with non-governmental and public institutions and organize cultural, sports and arts events in order to create social awareness in fighting addictions.

To establish Green Crescent Clubs at primary and secondary schools, high schools and universities, becoming a widespread presence in educational institutions; creates Green Crescent consciousness and awareness in children and youth.

To prepare syllabi for formal and informal education institutions, works in cooperation with public institutions and organizations, organizes face-to-face and long-distance education content and is actively involved in education's role in the fight against addictions.